Financial Measures

By gap on

Dear Valued Client,

GAP Microfinance wishes you a Happy and  Prosperous New Year.

Management has taken keen interest in recent developments in the financial industry. We assure you of our efforts to safeguard your hard earned funds. Management encourages the following measures:

  1. Deal only with our Mobile Bankers or any GAP Microfinance designated Officers who can be identified by their ID Cards.
  1. Please demand official GAP Microfinance receipts for all payments made to any sales personnel, i.e. Mobile Banker or designated Officer.
  1. If a Certificate and/or a Statement is not received for an investment in a maximum of 4 working days, please contact your Branch Manager or Accounts Officer and demand for one.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mr Fred Smart-Abbey (0276887071) or Mr. Theophilus Dongotey (0272830385) for any clarification.


….together we succeed.