About Us

GAP Microfinance Limited is a company incorporated under the Companies Act and wholly owned by the Ga Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. The company has been established to take advantage of emerging opportunities in the non banking financial services sector. The company is to be run strictly on commercial/business lines. The Regulatory authority for Microfinance business in Ghana is the Bank of Ghana.

Availability and access to credit continues to be a major issue confronting many members of the Church and society at large. Many clients of banks and other financial intermediaries when they are able to obtain credit, do so at usury rates. The company will provide credit support to its members in a niche strategy in the first instance as it works to build its the critical mass.

It is expected that the company will subsequently extend its service to the wider public in communities within which it operates in its quest to provide financial empowerment to its clients.

Under the governance practice of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, all assets of the Church are vested in the Registered Trustees of the Church. GAP Microfinance Limited is operated by the Ga Presbytery on behalf of the Church.

The Ga Presbytery finds itself in a unique position to make a difference in its evangelistic ministry by financially empowering its members and society at large.

The company is run on highly ethical standards based on biblical concepts and principles. Corporate governance is in line with contemporary standards of “best in class” companies.

Board of Directors


Mrs. Beatrice Odonkor


Mr. James Ahwireng Odei

Mrs. Regina Mensah Onumah             

Rev. Prof. B.Y. Quarshie  

Board Technical advisor

Mr.  J N B Tetteh                  

Managing Director

Mr. Fred Smart-Abbey