GAP Susu Savings

What is GAP Susu Account

If you wish to build a nest egg to tide you over the rainy day, then the GAP Susu Account is what you need. You deposit all monies you do not have immediate need for, no matter how small, you can make payment into your account. You can establish a pattern of regular payments. Daily, weekly, monthly or as irregular as you want it to be.

No charges are levied for your deposit.

What is the benefit of A GAP Susu Account

After three months of regular savings, you automatically qualify for a GAP Susu Loan*. Interest will also be payable when your balance reaches a set threshold.

What do I need to open a GAP Susu Account?

  • Identification document
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Utility Bill – proof of residence
  • Minimum deposit of GHC 20

 The GAP Susu Account serves as a happy medium of creating wealth from your regular savings!