GAP Fixed Deposit

GAP Investment Account

You have a reasonable amount you wish to invest for periods of three months or more.

You wish to receive competitive interest rates above the Treasury Bills Rate.

You wish to exercise the option of rolling over the deposit or having it increased for another term

You wish to have the Investment Account opened with little fuss.

No administrative charges are applied.

GAP Microfinance Investment Account is what you need, if any of the above points relate to your financial needs!

What do I need to open a GAP Investment Account?


  • Identification document
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Utility Bill – proof of residence
  • Minimum deposit of GHC 1,000

Informal groups/bodies

  • Constitution setting out the Regulations of the group
  • Resolution detailing Signing Instructions
  • Identity Documents of Signing Officers

What is the GAP Investment – Standard Account

  • Investment Deposit of up to GHC 10,000
  • Investment Accounts of 3 months duration

What is the GAP Investment – Premium Account?

  • Investment deposits in excess of GHC 50,000
  • Investment Accounts of over 3 months duration.
  • We pay attractive interest rates on such accounts